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Steps to get popular with Gospel Music

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Steps to get popular with Gospel Music

There are things that most gospel music minister out there needs to do and to have to move to the next and higher level of their music career. In this post I have outline some basic needs and principles required for growth in this area


When you start out the journey of a gospel music career, there will be times you doubt yourself. Times of frustration may come but I tell you, you have to believe in the dream. For you to have even thought of being a gospel music minister it means it is possible, all you need is the right coaching and a willing heart.

You may not have the best voice (there is no “best voice” to have, most of the songs that have imparted lives spirit came from people that didn’t even have the most fantastic voices). But that does not substitute for training and rehearsals because the voice you have now can be improved on if given the right training courses.

There are many reasons why the Gospel music world is far different from the Secular music world, one of the reasons being that in the gospel world we focus more on the words that come from the singer than on the vocal skills they have (There is no other place our words come from than from the Gospel of Jesus Christ).

With that being said, the question remains

  1. How will you package the word that you have received?
  2. How will you creatively arranged those words to draw the attention of the listeners?
  3. What uniqueness will you bring to the table?
  4. And how will your vocal prowess give you the edge?

All these are the questions you need to answer for yourself, but you must believe that you have the capabilities within you to go through this journey all the way to the top. YES YOU CAN DO IT.


This does not only apply to Gospel music or music, it applies to everything we do in this life. If you live life in fear you will only get little or no results in the things you do.

As a gospel music minister we need to go all out in our music career. I know most people say that there isn’t much fame and money in Gospel music, but I do not think that it is true considering that reason why we do what we do. If you understand that your music abilities is a great weapon against the forces of darkness and their stratagems in the lives of many, you will know that God (who sent you) has already given you the finances and the connections you need to make it to the top.

Many of us say we have day jobs and therefore cannot fully concentrate and develop ourselves for our music career. I am not in any way saying that you need to quit your day job or let your work suffer, but you need to understand that as Christians God is more interested in SOUL WINNING, at the end of this life He is only going to ask you the things you did as a Soul Winner and not any other thing. Having this in mind, our music career as Christians is our soul-winning strategy and since it (Soul Winning) is God’s No.1 Business here on earth we have to take it very serious and know that even the money we make out of our day job should be put in our music life.


I was watching a video by John C. Maxwell about leadership and he said something talking about leadership and Charisma. He said “Not all Charismatic people are good leaders and not all good leaders are charismatic, but if you are a good leader you should also learn to be charismatic”.

With the above sentence in mind, God is not unlimited with who and what He can use for the work of the gospel but He will be able to use you extensively if you build yourself or allow yourself to be built.

Imagine singing in the church or in a concert and from the beginning of the song till the end you have gone past all the keys (you’ve entered key H, I, J, K, L and so forth). I think that at the end of the “Singing” you would have ended up blocking the ears of people instead of opening them (LOL).

This is the most common mistake our Gospel Music Ministers make. Most of our gospel music ministers don’t even rehearse; we don’t even pray (which I’m still going to talk about). But believe it or not there are millions of great advantages for the one that builds himself/herself musically, you have to make out time to rehearse and be better at what you want to do.

As a music blogger and also an instrumentalist, we hear songs that people upload online, it’s such a marvel, we wonder if the person has someone to guide them or maybe they were resistant to instruction by people who tried to guide them. Don’t be in a haste to blow BROS. and SIS., you will “overblow” when you lay a firm and right foundation for yourself.

Music is a huge world and there are lots of Angels and Demons involved in the craft. There are going to be many temptations and trials along the way.

Make a prayer schedule, make a training schedule, and create time for the music life that you love. There is saying that “If you do not make sacrifices for the things you love, the things you love ends up being the sacrifice”.


This is one of the most important  Steps to get popular with Gospel Music. Remember you are first a Christian before any other thing you wish to add to yourself, so prayer is always a huge part of our lives. When I talk about prayer here I don’t mean the one you go on your knees and start putting up a list before God asking for this or for that; by prayer I mean “Communication or Fellowship”.

There has to be a very strong fellowship between you and the one that sent you to do what you are doing. How can you receive updates from God if you don’t communicate with Him?

The right kind of prayer has a whole lot of benefits attached to it.

  • You get to ask questions about things you need clearance on, and you receive answers
  • You get to be upgraded and energized after a fellowship (praying) session
  • You get to know what stratagems the wicked one is using and how to put them where they are supposed to be (under your feet)
  • You get to understand secrets into deep mysteries about music and your life as a Christian and lots more

In the same sense, the WORD is who we are; the word is where we came from; the word is our food, so you cannot live life outside the word of God. I mean, your gospel music career is all about words and unfortunately you cannot give what you don’t have.

So to be at the top of your career you need so much of the word in you, buy messages and books; keep yourself informed and updated, you will save yourself many errors if you study and act upon what we study.


Another powerful  Steps to get popular with Gospel Music is this; Most of our Top Gospel Music Ministers and Pastors are doing very well in this area, but we can do more. Imagine we had more people like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Dsc. D.D, Tim Godfrey, Frank Edwards, Sinach and others I may not know about; putting up platforms for the expression of you talents all around the world, there would be more chances for greater impacts and outbursts.

But remember, you have no business with platforms if you have not learnt the things you need to learn. As God is working with His mighty men and women to put up more platform you should be preparing yourself for those platforms, so that when they appear you will not be wishing you had what it takes to be there.


Many of our gospel music ministers always want to sound like this or that person. If God wanted us to be the same He would have created all the same, God likes varieties, even all goats are not the same, there are black goats, white goats, spotted goats, brown goats and so forth.

Your creativity and uniqueness stands you out from the crowd and it pays off in the long run. People who copy other may seem to be better off for a short while but sooner or later they fizzle away. We have to learn how to create our path, it might be hard at first but you’ll be better off at the long run, because many people will be inspired by your determination and uniqueness.

In your quest for being creative and unique you will have the rare opportunity of discovering new things that have never existed before and you have the opportunity to share it with the world first hand.

I hope you were blessed by this article, I will be sharing  more on this topic and much more, so make sure to visit our blog daily.

These are few steps to get popular with Gospel Music

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